3 Responses to The Stronghold

  1. Phil3 says:

    OK movie for a rainy day but aimed solely at teenagers/”Young Adults”. English subtitles rather poor. A reasonably enjoyable, easy-going movie for a rainy day but really aimed solely at the teenage/”Young Adult” age-group, so it’ll seem quite predictable & cliched for adults. However it seemed to be reasonably well-paced, well-acted & well-filmed, with OK special-effects etc. On the down side: in some scenes the editing seemed a bit clumsy – as if they were told to shorten the film a bit too much – and, unfortunately, the English subtitles were frequently very clumsy (i.e. should have…

  2. t-t says:

    Russian _ Modern day fairy tale – loved it Modern fantasy Russian style — Very mythical but hey the east block have myth and folk lore – clearly The Americans find that un palatable – what a surprise. Geared vey much at the teenage market but full of adventure and just be prepared to read the transliteration fast cos it moves at a fast pace. Definitely up for the sequel – appears to be some legendary equivalent to folks & saviours like the knights. Great film and enjoyable Just watch with an open mind. Other cultures have their own…

  3. Nick Jay says:

    Worth a watch! For Shizzle!