True Utility TU309 Solar-Lite

True Utility Solar Lite Flashlight

Just keeps on shining! Crafted with high grade stainless steel cover plates and incorporating the latest fast charge hard wearing solar panel, and professional grade fully rechargeable button cell batteries, this key ring wonder torch not only looks great but you will not need to replace the batteries. Simply enjoy free electricity from the Sun to keep it fully charged. Comes complete with water resistant ABS body and spinning key ring connector and quality split ring.

solar powered LED keyring flashlight, 15 lumens, 0.75 watt, 3 LED bulbs, rechargeable button cell battery (LIR2032) included.

Technical Details

Product Features

  • Solar powerful LED keyring flashlight
  • 46b lumens, 0.75 watt
  • 3 LED bulbs
  • rechargable button cell battery (LIR2032) included

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3 Responses to True Utility TU309 Solar-Lite

  1. blimey is that the time? says:

    Excellent little torch

  2. ninja7k says:

    It’s perfect.

  3. Anonymous says:

    An amazing amount of light given from this mini torch, it really is pretty powerful. As a keyring it is a little on the chunky side if you are one to put your keys in your pocket, but it’s not too bad if like me you throw them in a bag. Only downside – don’t drop your keys as the glass front part of the solar panel is not drop proof as I have found. Despite the glass being severely cracked, the torch still works! There’s no need to keep it in the sunshine, normal ‘everyday exposure’ to light…