TrueFlame Outdoor Solar Powered Garden Flickering Flame Torch Light

This beautifully designed solar powered lights produce a stunning lighting effect which looks and moves exactly like a real flame. The TrueFlame Solar Torch Light light is designed to work year-round in the UK and comes complete with an optional Powersaving mode which doubles runtimes each night by only sacrificing a small amount of brightness.

Light Diameter: 12.1cm
Pole Diameter: 2.4cm
Light Height (inc spike): 73cm
Light Height (ex spike): 53cm

Product Features

  • Amazing solar powered garden torch light that produces a stunningly realistic dancing flickering flame effect unlike anything else.
  • Wireless, completely solar powered and fully automatic – turns on automatically at night, turns off automatically at dawn.
  • Optional Powersaving mode for superb winter performance. Powersaving mode reduces brightness but doubles runtime each night.
  • Waterproof and designed for outdoor garden use. Perfect for marking borders, flower beds and paths
  • Simple quick and safe to install with everything you need in the box. Battery comes pre-installed.

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