Usboo Outdoor Solar String Lights for Christmas Party Wedding Yard and Holiday Decorations Solar Powered Waterproof Globe Garden Lights 2 Modes 30 Bulbs (Warm Light)

High Performance: with the upgraded solar panel, sunlight may be absorbed efficiently and converted into electric energy.
After 6-8 hours fully charged during day time, this solar string light is able to work continuously for at least 8 hours at night.
Just enjoy brightness of the light and the romantic atmosphere created.
Water Proof: bulbs of the light is designed with water proof function, they can work as usual in rainy days.

1. Assemble the solar panel to the holder on the anchor spike. Choose a soft ground to push the spike in to locate the light.
2. Turned the ON/OFF switch at the bottom to “ON” position.
3. Press “Mode” to choose a mode (steady-on mode or flash mode).
4. Put the light at the right and safe place.

1. Solar panel: 2V 100mA
2. Light source: super bright LED
3. Ni-Mh batteries: AA size, 300 mAh to 600 mAh, 1 PCS
4. Charging time: 6-8h
5. Working time: steady on mode 8-15h; flash mode 10-20h
6. Modes of “ON”, “OFF” and “Flash”
7. Working Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
8. Dimension: 30 crystal balls with the total length about 6 meters.

1. The light bulb is designed as non-replaceable bulb. Do Not attempt to replace any bulb.
2. Keep away from fire or other source of heat.
3. Avoid the batteries and wiring dip into water.
4. Since the end point of anchor spike is sharp, please keep away from children under 3 years old.
5. Make sure the switch of the lights is turned to “ON” status; if not, the battery will not be charged;

Package Included
User Manual X 1
Solar panel X 1
20 cm Spike X 1
String Light X 1

Product Features

  • SOLAR POWERED: this energy-saving solar string lights includes a rechargeable solar cell, which is charged through converting solar energy into electricity during day time, without any additional cost required.
  • TWO DIFFERENT MODES: steady-on mode and flash mode to create different atmospheres.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & OPERATION: it’s easy to decorate your outdoor space with this solar string light, without any other electric wire needed. There are only two switch (Power ON/OFF and Light Mode) to control the light easily. Expose the solar panel to direct sunshine and make sure the solar panel faces right to the sun.
  • LONG LIFESPAN: with high converting efficiency, this solar string light may work for 8-20 hours a time, varied from intensity of sunlight, the volume of solar energy stored everyday and the mode selected; with waterproof design, this solar string light may be used for at least 40,000 hours.
  • IDEAL for OUTDOOR DECORATION: no matter where this high quality solar string light decorated, it is able to create warming, sweet and romantic atmosphere, especially in festivals.

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2 Responses to Usboo Outdoor Solar String Lights for Christmas Party Wedding Yard and Holiday Decorations Solar Powered Waterproof Globe Garden Lights 2 Modes 30 Bulbs (Warm Light)

  1. Mr. Ross C. Blues says:

    Beautiful solar string led baubles. Perfect! I bought these 30 led string light to cheer up my garden for the summer evenings.I chose these as they are solar powered and so would not have to mess about with batteries.The large 2v 100ma solar panel charges the 600mah internal battery giving enough power to the lights long after I have gone to bed!The panel can be put in the ground with the stake or hung. With 30 leds over the length it is quite long about 15 feet.The…

  2. Bubblesbabe says:

    Beautiful lights – exactly what I wanted I ordered and received these string solar lights, and I have to say they are absolutely beautiful!!!They have a gorgeous multi-colour glow 🙂 We love to entertain and, now that Spring will shortly be upon us, I can’t wait for my friends and family to see these beautiful lights in all their glory. There’s nothing worse than sitting outside in the dark (but having a floodlight on would spoil the atmosphere) and these lights solve that problem impeccably. They set a very romantic mood…