Wawer UV Solar Light Electric Mosquito Trap Outdoor/Indoor,Home/Travel/Kitchen Buzz Kill Zapper Killer,Safe&Clean Fly Insect Bug Pest Killer Night Lamp (Gray)

UV Solar LED Electric Fly Insect Bug Pest Mosquito Trap Zapper Killer Night Lamp

★With a safety button to activate the simple twist on/off design, maintenance is easy too by simply removing the front cover, wipe clean only. Measures L10 x H10 x D5cm.
★Solar powered: No plugs or batteries
★Chemical free
★Hygienic clean-up
★On/Off switch
★Can be used for travel

Package include:
★1 x Solar kill Bug with cable insect killer light bulb insect killer led light solar electronic insect killer insect killer light outside safer end all insect killer safer endall insect killer fling insect killer powerful 20w electronic indoor insect killer insect killer pump 2 x electric mosquito fly bug insect zapper kil bug zapper electronic flying insect killer insect killer bomb insect killer powder insect killer bug zapper with led light bug zapper electronic insect killer insect killer indoor no toxic bug and insect killer insect killer inside home solar-powered outdoor insect killer raid multi-insect killer indoor-outdoor 15oz outdoor electric insect killer 5 acre anti mosquito electric uv light zappers fly ins outdoor electric insect killer outdoor waterproof insect killer insect killer device electonic insect killer outdoor plant insect killer insect killer mosquito insect killer machine insect killer non toxic insect killer and led light insect killer 40 watt solar powered outdoor insect killer indoor and outdoor insect killer insect killer electronic mosquito killer insect killer natura mosquito trap indoor insect killer outdoor insect killer zapper insect and mosquito killer eco friendly insect killer insect and mosquito killer zapper eliminator insect killer for house insect and mosquito killer zapper electronic indoor insect killer zapper 20w

Product Features

  • ★A safe, hygienic and chemical free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and un-wanted insects,Help protect against pesky bugs and insects with this handy solar buzz kill
  • ★With the solar panel there is no need for wiring or battery costs, the solar panel simply harnesses the sun’s rays and stores the energy in the rechargeable batteries (included) for when in use
  • ★The compact design, along with the four suction mounting pads, means the device can be easily transported and fitted to wherever it is needed
  • ★Portability. Because Solar Buzzkill is solar powered, it can be placed almost anywhere (although the suction cups probably wouldn’t do well on stucco).This makes it ideal for family picnics, days out or even for those enjoyable evenings out in the garden,You can even take it on the road with you while traveling.Some pests. If you are primarily concerned about flies or moths, Solar Buzzkill may be a good fit for you
  • ★Clean up mosquitoes, wash lamp directly★outdoor insect killer mosquito trap outdoor solar indoor mosquito trap fly mosquito trap trap n kill mosquito non toxic mosquito trap stryker mosquito trap mosquito light trap electronic mosquito trap non-toxic mosquito trap portable mosquito trap mosquito killing trap solar powered mosquito trap uv led mosquito trap usb mosquito trap car mosquito trap fruit fly and mosquito trap home mosquito trap 2 x electric mosquito fly bug insect zapper kil

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