Resort Quality Solar Path Lights (Pack of 2) All Metal & Glass 16x Brighter with 5Lb. Stone Base

Beautify your home with quality solar lighting. These lights not only brighten dim pathways but will also bring many compliments to your new, custom-looking landscape lighting. Our lights are made with real metal and glass. Your home is a reflection of you and these lights are designed to add light, beauty and quality to your outdoor space and add value to your home. If you rent your home or move, you can keep your lights for your new home. Other path lights may be inexpensive and look good in pictures, but most are plastic, dim and poorly made. Rarely do cheap lights last 1 season. Plastic lenses turn yellow and dull. Cheap lights come with a ground-spike for mounting. These spikes don’t hold up in bad weather and they are always crooked and wobbly. WeatherProSolar lights have a 5 Lb. stone base, are weather-proof, and proven to last for through all weather conditions. What used to be “Path lights” are now a PORTABLE, OUTDOOR AND LANDSCAPE LIGHTING SOLUTION which can be placed on pathways, grass, sidewalks, driveways, stairways, block walls, around swimming pools, patio tables or anywhere solar lighting is needed. If you prefer a more permanent placement, just use a construction adhesive like Liquid Nails Heavy Duty or Locktite Power Grab. Either one of those will hold your lights on stairs, walls or sidewalks.

Product Features

  • NO INSTALLATION NEEDED – PORTABLE AND WEATHERPROOF – Made with all metal construction, heavy glass lens and a 5Lb. stone base for durability. No need for flimsy ground spikes. Just put them wherever you need light.
  • 16X BRIGHTER Than Other Path Lights – 20 Lumens of Warm LED Lighting – They automatically come on at night and provide bright, energy efficient light for 6-8 hours.
  • NEW STYLING FOR 2020 – The latest styling with a touch of vintage charm for a timeless look.
  • 5 Lb. SOLID STONE BASE INCLUDED WITH EACH LIGHT – Our Patented stone base turns your “path lights” into beautiful Landscaping Lights. Place your lights on pathways, sidewalks, stairways, driveways, block walls, patio tables or move them to where you need solar lighting most. Other lights come with a plastic ground-spike. Ground spike mounting is flimsy, wobbly and the lights rarely stand up straight.
  • Only THE BEST For Your Home – Weather you own or rent your home, why not invest in bright, beautiful lights which will beautify your entire outdoor area? If you move, you can take your lights to your new home.

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